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Fitness Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to the Fitness Center? Is there a membership cost? 

Our 69 campus community (students and employees) are granted immediate access to use the fitness center. Those who are not a current member of the campus community can gain access to the facility by enrolling in at least one course at the college (this course can be credit or non-credit). Upon successful enrollment in the course, your access remains valid for the remainder of the academic term in which you are enrolled [summer, fall, or spring]. A non-credit course has also been created in correlation with fitness, this course is non-credit and will cost $40 for the term (four months).

What hours are the Fitness Center open?

The fitness center is open from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (starting June 21, 2022). These hours may be adjusted based on the needs of those using the facility. The Fitness Center will also follow 69’s schedule for inclement weather delays and closures (/inclement-weather/), as well as campus closures for Holidays which can be found online at /schedule/ 

Will the Fitness Center offer any Fitness Classes and/or Camps? Are these included with general access? 

The Fitness Center will offer a variety of fitness classes and camps for both adults and children. Each camp/activity will have a separate cost associated with them. The cost of the class/camp grants access only to that camp/activity during the times and dates specified. To access the facility without these restrictions you must be a part of the 69 Campus Community. A calendar of upcoming activities will be available on this page, /fitness
As we get closer to fall term, we will be listing upcoming offerings with a link for registration and the cost associated with each.

Does the Fitness Center offer daycare or after-school childcare services during workouts? 

The Fitness Center does not offer childcare.

Can I bring a guest to work out with me? 

No, all patrons must be a member of the Campus Community.

I am a 69 retiree. Am I considered part of the Campus Community? 

Of course, as a valued member of the 69 Community, you will be granted free access to the Fitness Center, however, you will still need to pay any costs associated with camps and/or fitness classes.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions regarding the Fitness Center please contact Jason Vencill, Athletic Director, at jason.vencill@sw.edu or 276-964-7251. 

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Davis Hall is temporarily closed for repairs. Day & night classes in Davis Hall are canceled on April 17 & 18.